Learn how to unleash the power of MP2*, saving your plant / facility time and money.

Formal training is combined with group discussions, practice exercises, reports and CMMS Data Group’s personal touch, leaving users comfortable and confident with newly gained MP2 knowledge. Contact us today for class agendas or for additional information!


MP2 Basics: 4 Days

Overviews the basic functions and features of MP2, leaving end-users comfortable, confident and ready to take advantage of the benefits that the software has to offer.

• Day 1: Navigation
• Days 2 & 3: Work Order / Task Management
• Day 4: Parts & Purchasing

MP2 Adv. with Crystal Reports: 5 Days

MP2 Advanced: Take MP2 to the next level by learning its advanced features.
Crystal Reports: Deliver winning reports with Crystal Reports training.

• Days 1 & 2: MP2 Advanced
• Days 3 – 5: Crystal Reports

MP2 Training for Crystal Reports

Intro to Barcoding: 1 Day

Learn about the benefits of a wireless barcode solution and how it eliminates paper, increases productivity and ensures precise maintenance and facilities data. Then, gain knowledge about various barcode scanners and how to set up a barcode printer to print labels. Finally, collect and upload data to MP2 via wireless barcode scanners.

• Overview
• Implementation
• Scanners
• Printers & Labels

Planning & Scheduling: 1 Day

Each hour of effective planning typically returns three to five hours in mechanic time or equivalent savings (measured in the cost of material and production downtime) (Nyman and Levitt 2001). Learn how to use MP2 to effectively plan and schedule work.

• Setup
• Availability
• Planning & Scheduling

  • Nyman, Don and Joel Levitt. Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Coordination. New York: Industrial Press: 2001.

System Administration: 2 Days

Teaches administrators how to start up and sustain MP2 database and to secure MP2 users.

• Installation
• Security
• Initial Setup
• Planning
• Utilities
• Data Collection



Offsite Training

Users from different companies across the country meet at various training centers to share and gain knowledge.

If only 1 or 2 users need to be trained, offsite training is the best option because it is less expensive than onsite training. With offsite training, interruptions are kept to a minimum because attendees are away from the plant. Additional knowledge is gained from working with classmates from other plants by sharing best practices and learning how they use their software.

The training topics covered are based on a set agenda.

Onsite Training

Users from the same company gather at one location.

If 3 or more users need training, based on travel costs, it’s more economical to schedule a CMMS Data Group consultant to train you and your team at your plant.

The training topics covered are set by each plant.

Online Training

Save on travel costs and interruptions by taking advantage of today’s technology.

2-hour online training sessions, guided by a live instructor, can be scheduled anytime at your convenience with an unlimited number of users. If users would like to show the instructor something on their computer for review or critique, the instructor can connect to their computer, too. After each training session, users practice and use what they learned. Future training sessions can be scheduled, if needed.

The training topics covered are set by each plant.



Join us at one of the following locations for an offsite training class.

Users from different companies meet at various training centers across the country to share and gain knowledge. To register for a class, click a location below and you will be redirected to to begin the online registration process.

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MP2 Training Classes


Training Policy

Cancellations/Changes by Customer

A 75% penalty fee will be charged for cancellations/date changes made within 10 business days prior to the class start date and a 100% penalty fee will be charged for cancellations/date changes made within 5 business days prior to the class start date.

Cancellations by CMMS Data Group

Should CMMS Data Group have to cancel a class, CMMS Data Group is not responsible for charges associated with travel changes or cancellation fees.


There are no refunds for any of our training classes.


*MP2 is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), also known as an enterprise asset management (EAM) system or a facilities asset management system (FAMS).