MP2 Explained…

MP2 is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), also known as an enterprise asset management (EAM) system or a facilities asset management system (FAMS).

When MP2 is successful, maintenance and facilities managers save significant time and money by gaining control of and automating their processes (work, inventory, purchasing, etc.). However, without proper training, implementation, and ongoing support, MP2 may be difficult and frustrating to use, even abandoned by its end-users. That’s where we come in. CMMS Data Group eliminates the difficulty and frustration associated with MP2 and helps companies realize the benefits that MP2 has to offer.

CMMS Data Group
Why CMMS Data Group?

Since 2000, CMMS Data Group has helped maintenance and facilities departments unleash the power of MP2 by providing:

Training to ensure MP2 end-user comfort and confidence.
Technical Support to provide quick, customer-friendly MP2 expertise when help is needed.

When the power of MP2 is unleashed and the benefits that it has to offer are realized, time and money are saved, reliability and productivity improve, and companies remain open and profitable.

Personal Touch


MP2 software is a completely integrated maintenance and facilities asset management system, enabling companies to save time and money.


End-users gain comfort and confidence with MP2 training, equipping them to take full advantage of the software.


Choose from a vast array of services (from GO LIVE! assistance to maintenance storeroom planning and setup) to gain control of your maintenance and facilities processes.


CMMS Data Group provides customer-friendly support when MP2 help is needed.